NUS Identity


Guidelines for the use of the NUS logo must be observed in order to preserve the integrity of the logo.

The NUS logo is comprised of two elements, the modernised coat of arms and the NUS namestyle. The two elements must always be applied together. It is incorrect to apply the modernised coat of arms alone.

Horizontal Logo Vertical Logo

Modernised Coat of Arms

The 20% clear space guideline ensures that the NUS logo always has sufficient space around it. This prevents overcrowding and optimises the logo's impact and prominence.

Clear space - Horizontal Logo Clear space - Vertical Logo

To ensure maximum clarity and distinction, the NUS logo should not be represented in a size smaller than 20 mm in width for the horizontal logo and 20 mm in height for the vertical logo.

The amount of clear space is equal to the height of the "N".



Applicable only for web banner The amount of clear space is equal to 50% height of the "N",



*Grey "N" is not to be printed

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